Let's Pretend It's Summer Day,

February 2018

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People are difficult to satisfy. They have a hard time being happy with what they have. When itís hot, they wish it was cooler, but when itís cold they wish it was hotter. Even when the weather is perfect, people start to get bored and look forward to the next season. But in many places, winter weather is far from perfect. The days are short. The sun rises late and sets early. Itís cold. Itís snowy and slippery. Itís no surprise that eventually people start to wish it could be summer--just for a day. Mrs. Muddle enjoys winter as much as anyone, perhaps even more, but sometimes even she gets tired of winter before itís over. Thatís when she celebrates ďLetís pretend itís summer Day.Ē

With this holiday the illustrator got to tell the story with pictures. All I did was name it. Then Tom Yezerski filled two pages with pictures of people doing wonderful summer things out in the snow. Looking at all of the activities he has included makes me think that Tom has a lot of fun in the summer.

Coming in March 2018:

The First Robin of Spring!

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