The Leaf Fairy's Visit, November 2018

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Evergreen trees keep their leaves or needles year round, losing some as others grow in, but deciduous trees drop their leaves each year. Leaves catch sunlight and turn it into energy for the tree, but during the winter, when it is cold and there are fewer hours of sunlight available, these trees drop their leaves and go dormant until spring.

Why do we rake the fallen leaves? Is it just a job parents think up to keep their kids from watching TV? No, actually itís not. The leaves that lie on the ground block sunlight so that whatever is underneath has a hard time growing. Young trees and other woodland plants can push their way through the carpet of fallen leaves, but grass just dies. And lots of humans like pretty, green lawns just as much as robins do so they donít like their grass dying.

One other problem with fallen leaves is that as they start to decay, they often become slippery, and people dislike slipping and falling down. That is why parents insist that their kids rake leaves and move them to someplace where they wonít cause problems. Dead leaves can be mixed with kitchen scraps and green plant material to make compost, a treat that garden plants like even better than dirt.

Hiding presents from the Leaf Fairy is Mrs. Muddleís way of turning a chore into something that is fun and exciting. That makes the job go much more quickly.

Coming in December 2018:

The First Snow!

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