First Robin Day, March 2018

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The American robin is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Early settlers named this bird after the European robin. The two species look somewhat alike, but are not related. The American robin is found all over the North American continent. In some areas, the birds migrate to warmer places during the winter, but they stay year round in other areas. However, during the winter, they stay in sheltered areas, so they are rarely seen. When the weather begins to get warmer, the migratory robins return, and the rest come out of hiding. Robins have adapted well to living among humans. One of their favorite foods is the earthworm, and their favorite place to hunt is a well manicured lawn.

Robins build a new nest for every brood of chicks they raise, and they may raise two or three broods during the course of the spring and summer. They usually build nests out of mud, grass and twigs, but they are pleased to use bits of yarn or string when they find them. Mrs. Muddle’s custom of decorating her trees and bushes with bits of yarn is appreciated.

Robins eat earthworms, bugs, and fruits and berries. They are not seed eaters, so they’re not interested in Mrs. Muddle’s peanut butter birdseed cookies. But once the robins return, the other birds are soon to follow, so the robins are a good reminder to fill those bird feeders.

Coming in April 2018:

First Shower of April!

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