First Snow of Winter, December 2017

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First Snow--The first snow of winter is always exciting. It makes everything look white and clean. The sun reflects off the snow and makes it glitter. If there is enough snow, it may mean an unexpected holiday from school. There are all sorts of fun activities that require snow. The only way to make snow angels is to have snow on the ground. The game of fox and geese is traditionally played on a circle stamped into the snow. Snow can be shaped into things like snowballs, snowmen, and snow forts. A bread pan is a great mold for making snow bricks for building. Snowy hills are great for sledding and skiing. If the snow gets deep, some people travel right across the top of it on cross-country skis and snowshoes.

In spite of the snow people need to walk places and park their cars, so sidewalks and driveways must be shoveled. Itís hard work, but even that can be fun when everyone in the neighborhood is out shoveling together. Sometimes everyone can pitch in to shovel walks for the people who canít shovel their own. By the end of winter, many people are tired of snow. But spring comes and all of the snow melts. Then, when winter comes around again, the first snow is once more beautiful and magical.

Coming in January 2018:

The Ice Spectacle!

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