Where do you get your ideas?--Assembly

Writing is an incredibly important skill for all of our children to master. Even in this age of cell phones and text messages, there are plenty of situations that call for clear, persuasive writing. Because of this, children spend a lot of time writing at school. But many of them suffer from 'blank page syndrome.' They have been taught how to write, but they still donít know what to write. There are so many possibilities that they canít choose just one. In fact, as a published author, that is one of the questions children most often ask me: Where do you get your ideas?

Iím willing to come to your school and tell them. In a 50 minute assembly entitled Where do you get your ideas? I will share my two picture books plus the stories and poems I have had published in magazines such as Ladybug, Babybug, and Highlights and explain where I Ďfoundí my ideas and what I did to turn them into finished pieces. Students will be encouraged to bring paper, or better yet, their own writerís notebook, to record the ideas that they generate.

This assembly works best with one grade level at a time with a maximum of about 75 students. It can be geared toward beginning writers or older students who have begun to master the writing process.


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